NASA footage captures ‘doorway,’ inspires theories of life on Mars

It’s not a stairway to heaven – it’s a doorway on Mars. The image of what looks to be a symmetrical, hand-hewn Martian portal, captured May 7 by NASA’s Curiosity rover, has ignited a cosmic array of speculation, conspiracy theories and dreams of intelligent life on the red planet. “If you zoom in all the … Read more

NASA Identifies ‘Monster Quake’ on Mars That Will Give Scientists ‘New View’ of Red Planet

New Delhi: American space agency NASA has detected the largest-ever tremor ever recorded on another planet, in this case, Mars, and calls the tremor a “monster quake”.Also Read – NASA Likely to Launch Artemis 1 Moon Rocket in August A NASA press release on Monday said that a quake, of magnitude 5 temblor took place … Read more

Why no rainbows in the sky of Mars? NASA explains

Mars is seen by some as the ideal planet for a possible extraterrestrial colony once humanity can pass Earth. The red planet has many climatic phenomena similar to those found on Earth. Clouds, storms and more can be seen on the surface of Mars, but many have asked if a rainbow can be found on … Read more

Orbiter discovers hidden water in Mars’ Grand Canyon

ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, operated by the European Space Agency and the Russian space agency Roscosmos, has detected “significant amounts of water” in Mars’ Grand Canyon, Valles Marineris. The water, which is hidden beneath Mars ‘surface, was found by the orbiter’s FREND instrument, which maps hydrogen in the top meter of Mars’ earth, ESA said. … Read more

NASA’s persistence may have detected a long-sleeping Mars volcano

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover has fed us with several discoveries from the red planet, ever since it landed on it in February this year. After nearly 10 months of driving around the Jezero crater, scientists are beginning to understand that the region had been formed by red-hot magma, possibly from a long dormant volcano from … Read more

‘Longest extinct volcano on Mars?’: Perseverance rovers’ new discoveries a treasure trove for future scientists

Is there water on Mars? Is there life on Mars? These and several other issues have fascinated space scientists and ordinary people on Earth for a very long time. Meanwhile, scientific advances related to Mars missions have revealed astonishing information that decodes the red planet. The latest results from NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover revealed that … Read more

Water on Mars: ESA’s ExoMars Discover Hidden Reservoir

Mars’ huge ravine system, Valles Marineris, can keep hidden water below the surface, according to a new study. The European Space Agency (ESA) and Roscosmos’ collaborative ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) detected large amounts of water in the heart of the gorge. By monitoring the hydrogen concentration in the upper meter of the red planet’s … Read more

Nasa’s Perseverance makes ‘unexpected’ discovery of volcanic lava on Mars

The perseverance rover, sent by the US space agency Nasa to explore the surface of Mars, has made a surprising discovery. The rover’s latest findings suggest that the bedrock it has run over since landing 10 months ago is made of volcanic lava. Nasa scientists taking care of the mission say the discovery was “completely … Read more

Scientists have just found a significant amount of water stored inside Mars

New Delhi: Scientists have discovered a ‘significant amount’ of water hiding beneath the surface of Mars, inside the red planet’s Valles Marineris, its version of our Grand Canyon system. Up to 40% of the material near the surface of the gap may be water molecules.Also read – The NASA spacecraft enters the solar atmosphere ‘Corona’ … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance Rover’s journey from Earth to a new home on Mars in 2021

In August 2012, NASA already successfully landed a rover on Mars called Curiosity. Curiosity’s success motivated NASA to launch another rover on Mars despite budget cuts and uncertainty surrounding their initiative. And therefore the idea of ​​perseverance was born. Perseverance Rover, which is currently investigating the Jezero crater, has four main purposes on Mars. The … Read more