iPhone 12, iPhone 13 users, now Google Chrome will SAVE you from hackers

The new Google Chrome feature called Enhanced Safe Browsing will add better security to protect iOS devices like iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and others from hackers. Know other Chrome features coming to iPhones as well.

iPhone users will soon get better protection while browsing on Google Chrome as the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature is going to be introduced to iOS. This new Chrome feature was introduced in 2021 for the desktop version across all platforms, Chrome OS as well as on Android. However, iOS was not included initially. But now that is set to change as supported iOS devices including iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and others will be able to enjoy an additional layer of security and keep the hackers away. Read on to know how it works and what other features might be coming soon for Apple smartphone users.

Google Chrome to introduce Enhanced Safe Browsing feature for iOS

According to Google, the new Google Chrome feature of Enhanced Safe Browsing “can help provide more protection against phishing and malware across Google Chrome and Gmail”. This functionality operates in the background and provides protection from dangerous or malicious websites, downloaded files and browser extensions.

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According to a report by The Verge, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users will also get the option to send files and URLs flagged as suspicious to Google for further inspection and better scrutiny. Google says that this will eventually lead to a better and more secured online experience.

Other Google Chrome features coming for iPhone 12, iPhone 13

Alongside a major security upgrade, the iOS users will also get improvements for its built-in translation feature in the Google Chrome browser. It will add an updated language identification model which will automatically capture and translate when you enter a website in a foreign language. Now even partial foreign texts can be translated.

Further, Chrome Actions will also be making its way to iOS. Chrome Actions is a feature on the desktop and Android version of Chrome where a user can simply type commands like ‘clear browsing data’ or ‘incognito mode’ in the address bar to access those options. But now, iPhone12, iPhone 13 and other supported devices will also be able to do it.

It is unclear at the moment when exactly these features might be released on iOS but according to Google, they will be introduced soon.


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