Maharashtra political crisis LIVE: Catch-22 situation for Uddhav as rebel ranks swell; 10 MPs may back Shinde

Here’s why Shiv Sena is witnessing rebellion

One of the reasons for the rebellion of Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde and other party MLAs is that NCP is strengthening. Rebel camp believe party is giving strength to the NCP leaders who were defeated in the elections in their area and Shiv Sena MLAs are being pushed to the margins. Sharad Pawar is being considered mainly responsible behind this. These MLAs say that it seems that the owner of Shiv Sena has also become Sharad Pawar.

The second reason is the working style of Aaditya Thackeray. The MLAs say that Aaditya Thackeray considers himself the chief of Shiv Sena and behaves in the same way. Eknath Shinde faction believes that barring 13 MLAs, all the Shiv Sena MLAs will come here sooner or later.

Sources say that Nitin Deshmukh himself was sent back from Guwahati airport at the behest of Eknath Shinde. Because when Deshmukh reached Guwahati from Surat with the rebel MLAs, he started talking about going back to Maharashtra. After which he was made to sit in the lounge of the airport for some time. When Deshmukh did not agree, Eknath Shinde said that this will spoil the whole matter. So Nitin Deshmukh was sent back to Mumbai.

– Reports Anand Prakash Pandey (India TV)