Coronavirus explainer: Potential effects of COVID on liver health; know the key indicators | The Times of India

During COVID, the level of several enzymes in the liver elevates. Presence of these enzymes in a higher amount in the liver means it is damaged.

As per a study, COVID-19 associated hepatic injury should be defined as Alanine amino transaminase or Aspartate amino transaminase exceeding 3 times the upper limit of normal value, and ALP, γ-Glutamyl transpeptidase or total bilirubin of these enzymes the patients were categorized as hepatocellular, cholestatic and mixed type.

In addition to this, people with chronic liver conditions can be severely affected by the viral attack. With serious health complications already in the body, the immune system which is already highly compromised is unable to protect the body and thus the risk of infection increases.

Apart from these, the medications that are administered to treat COVID can also pose a serious risk to the health of the liver.


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