“Bulli Bai Creator Blocked”: Minister; Sena MP says more action is needed

That ‘Bulli Bai‘and’Sulli offers‘apps were meant to be degrading, humiliating and harassing (representative)

New Delhi:

After outrage over Muslim women being ‘auctioned’ by right-wing extremists – for the second time in less than a year – IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw tweeted a concise two lines late Saturday to say the GitHub user behind ‘Bulli Bai‘app had been blocked and “further action” was coordinated.

The short message was in response to a prayer by Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi, who yesterday branded Mr Vaishnaw and asked him to act against “widespread misogyny and common targeting of women”.

GitHub (the Microsoft-owned software sharing platform used to build and runBulli Bai‘app) confirmed blocking by user this morning itself. The CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team, an office within the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, or MEITY) and police authorities are coordinating further action, “Mr Vaishnaw tweeted.

Ms Chaturvedi thanked the minister for his tweet but told him more needed to be done.

“Sir, thank you. With due respect, I have shared with you that in addition to blocking the platform, it is important to punish offenders by setting up such sites. I hope the Home Office and MEITY will support Mumbai’s police in finding these culprits and doing so. them as well as platforms responsible. “

Mumbai police have launched an investigation at Ms Chaturvedi’s request.

Delhi police have also launched a case, which was brought by journalist Ismat Ara, who was one of several women who found themselves listed for ‘auction’ on the disgusting and disgusting application.

That ‘Bulli Bai‘app seemed to be a clone of’Sulli Deals ‘, which sparked a massive controversy last year by offering users a’Sulli‘- an insulting term used by right-wing trolls and extremists about Muslim women.

In both cases, there was no actual sale involved, but that was hardly the intention.

That the purpose of apps was to demean, humiliate and harass, its goals and critics have said.

“It is very sad that as a Muslim woman you have to start your new year with this feeling of fear & disgust. It goes without saying that I am not the only one who is targeted in this new version of ‘sulli’ agreements. “Screenshot posted by a friend this morning,” Ismat Ara tweeted.

“There are many Muslim names, including mine, in the disgusting”Bulli Bai‘, same as ‘Sulli Offer’. Even Najeeb’s mother has not been spared. It is a reflection on India’s ruined legal system, a dilapidated law and order. Are we becoming the most insecure country for women? “Said Sayema, a popular radio personality.

Opposition leaders have also condemned the horrific app and its creators and called on the government to allow such criminal acts to go unpunished.

“It is unacceptable that this project of dangerous anti-Muslim misogyny is back. A shocking accusation against the state of affairs that not only was something done last time but that these forces also felt brave to repeat it all because the establishment backs them up, and it’s not just a good idea that they have become nothing. ” “Tweeted Congressman Karti Chidambaram.

That ‘Bulli Bai” app has been removed by GitHub, which allows anyone to upload and share an app under development. That ‘Sulli The Deals app had also been shared via GitHub.

Two FIRs, or First Information Reports, were filed by Delhi and Uttar Pradesh police overSulli Deals’ app, but no significant action was taken against those responsible.

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