London-based restaurateur of Indian origin on the UK New Year’s honors list

Amritpal Singh Maan is among those honored by the Queen on the New Year Honors List 2022. (File)


Amritpal Singh Maan, a philanthropist who has provided over 200,000 meals to the needy since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been awarded the OBE in recognition of his services to charity and community. He is among those honored by the Queen on the 2022 New Year Honors List.

Known by most as Amrit Maan, he is a modest philanthropist within the Sikhs and many other communities and has supported charities and organizations that mainly deal with the homeless, the armed forces and heritage and art for several years.

Those who know Amrit Maan know him most likely as the director of the Punjab Restaurant in Covent Garden, established in 1946 by his great-grandfather as Britain’s first Punjabi restaurant ever.

Amrit Maan has sponsored nearly £ 1 million of meals for the British public, numerous landmark community events, exhibitions and lectures, and since the pandemic began in March 2020, he has delivered over 200,000 meals to those in need.

In addition, as a lawyer, he has provided pro bono assistance to hundreds of victims of crime and traumatic events and provided free legal and business advice to small businesses and organizations to date, according to a statement.

In late 2018, his personal love of art led him to set up a social enterprise to try to showcase British Punjabi artists and is a trustee and trusted advisor to several other organizations, including Under One Sky, The Seven Dials Trust, Khalsa Academies Trust and Sharan Project, said the release.

“I was stunned by disbelief when I received the email about the honor. I had had a difficult day and it was instantly forgotten!” said Amrit Maan.

“I feel really humbled to have received this honor for services to charity and community. Seva, selfless service, for the community has been the ethos of our family business since it was founded, and I accept this honor not only for me but for on behalf of the generations that came before me who sacrificed great sacrifices, took chances and shared their spirit with me, “he added.

Amrit Maan said the recognition of the Officer of the Order of the British Empire will strengthen his willingness to continue the philanthropic work.

“The recognition strengthens my willingness to continue my philanthropic work to fight issues such as women’s rights, fight social injustice, highlight British Sikh history and support, and increase Sikhs’ contribution to our amazing armed forces and other key services such as the police force.” he said.

Lieutenant Colonel David Utting LLM RWxY praised Amrit Maan’s work.

“As a recognized leader in the Sikh community, Amrit Mann has worked hard to help many Sikhs define what their identity is in the diverse country in which they live and how they can preserve their culture. As part of this, his support for the armed forces has been excellent and I strongly doubt that we would make the progress we are in the Sikh community without his help.He has combined physical support for several events with good advice. with him on a number of occasions, I can not think of anyone who deserves this honor more, “he said.

Amandeep Madra OBE, President, UK Punjab Heritage Association also praised Amrit Maan’s achievements and congratulated him on the honor.

“Amrit has been a long-standing and important figure in social, humanitarian and cultural activities among British Sikhs. He is a role model for other business owners, and his voluntary and material support for Sikh charity for decades makes him, in my opinion, absolutely deserving of this. national honor, “he said.

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