Happy New Year 2022 gift from PUBG New State: Redeem code for freebies, new card

PUBG New State has shared a free redemption code for players on New Year’s Eve. A new map is also on the way.

Happy New Year! It could be happier if you’re a fan of PUBG New State. On the occasion of the new year, Krafton is sharing some goodies for free to all players in PUBG New State. One that you can use right now and until January 10th is a free redemption code for some freebies in the game. In addition, there is a brand new card on the way to the game.

“Even though it was a rocky start, we’ve worked hard to improve Battlegrounds in 2051, and we’re honored that you’ve been with us every step of the way,” Krafton said.

PUBG New State free redemption code for New Year

Players of PUBG New State can use the code “HAPPYNEWSTATE” for free. Using this code will give players 6 chicken medals and 3 royal coffin tickets, all of which can be of great help in the game. The redemption code applies to both Android and iOS devices.

PUBG New State new card coming in 2022

“We’ve been busy preparing a lot of new content that we plan to roll out in 2022,” Krafton said. “The first batch of major updates will be released in the first two months of 2022, and the details will be revealed at a later date – so keep an eye out for what’s to come!”

PUBG New State new card

Some pictures of the upcoming map have been shared by Krafton, giving us a faint idea of ​​what to expect from the map. No name has been given yet, but the preview shows a futuristic industrial building that dominates the landscape, rocky hills, lush green landscapes and a generally diverse landscape. The card will be available together with the Troi and Erangel cards.

Krafton says the card will be available to players from PUBG New State sometime in 2022. The publisher also said it wants to meet players’ expectations with the game. “We will also make sure to provide all of our global survivors with the best service and gaming experience, regardless of location or device. We will strive to actively seek open and transparent communication with all of our survivors and listen to the community to build better Battlegrounds together.”


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