Get the ultimate glimpse: 104m wide asteroid is to pass near Earth on January 11th

An approximately 104-meter-wide asteroid is due to pass near Earth on January 11, a report said.

The asteroid, which will be within 3.48 million miles of Earth, has been tagged as a “potentially dangerous object”, the Mirror reported.

The rock, which has been named Asteroid 2013 YD48 by NASA, appears to be larger than the iconic Big Ben.

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While it will miss the Earth from a long distance, it is actually not that much in terms of space.

NASA appears to classify any object that passes within 120 million miles of Earth as a Near-Earth Object (NEO).

Even small changes in orbits due to any obstacle can prove fatal to Earth.

Several scientists spend hours every day tracking down thousands of such rocks to know more about the universe and take timely action if the Earth is in danger.

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This is not the only asteroid coming closer to Earth in the coming weeks.

A 7 m wide asteroid, named 2014 YE15, will pass by on 6 January. It will be 4.6 million miles from Earth.

And on January 7, an asteroid named 2020 AP1, which is only 4 m wide, will pass near Earth by being about 1.08 million miles from it.

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