Fox News personalities reveal New Year’s resolutions for 2022

From Dana Perino to Sean Hannity, Fox News personalities issued their New Year’s resolutions as 2021 draws to a close.

Each Fox personality gave their own New Year’s greeting to the viewers.

Jesse Watters: “Happy New Year to you. Let’s raise our glasses. This is a Watters World mug, and toast to a crazy year, 2021. Thank God it’s over!”

Greg Gutfeld: “Hi, my name is Brian Kilmeade and I wish you a Happy New Year! Yes, I’ve suddenly gotten a lot better out there!”

Sean Hannity: “Happy New Year’s Eve. So what can we expect in 2022? What about Joe Biden’s biggest political comeback and beatdown, his terrible politics ever? It would be a great 2022. How about we all decide to say goodbye to Nancy, goodbye to Chuck and get Parliament and the Senate back, and then establish a Republican victory for 2024? That’s my only wish. I’m only asking for one small thing. That’s all I want. Anyway, Happy New Year! “

Dana Perino: “A really happy New Year from me and Percy to you all. Here’s my New Year’s resolution that I would like you all to incorporate. First, if you have itching, then itch yourself – that’s what Percy is doing right now. But here’s what I would recommend.If you have been through a loss and you are afraid of getting hurt again because you have lost one of your pets.I encourage you to try again because there is a lot of joy to get. And also, puppies are cute for a reason, because if they were not, we might not make it. Happy New Year, everyone! ”

Mark Levin: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the bunker and I would like to give you some special advice that I only share with friends and family. This new year, do not forget to rotate your tires, clean your gutters and get your colonoscopy – thank you, and God bless you. ”

Maria Bartiromo:Happy New Year everyone. I send you the best wishes for love, health and joy in 2022. I will decide to continue fighting for freedom and liberty in the new year and we will continue to cover all the stories that matter to you. Have a healthy, happy New Year! “

Judge Jeanine: “Happy New Year, everyone, it’s Judge Jeanine. I want peace on earth, but I want you to know what my New Year’s resolution is. It’s giving up your peppermint meatballs, which I love, so I’ll give them up. But as I hold it in my hands, I think of the rich, dark chocolate.I think of myself as being on top of a cold, wintry mountain with a cool breeze blowing through my hair and blowing over my body. this long white dress. On second thought I will not give up your peppermint meatballs. I will give up something else that I do not like. Happy New Year! “

Harris Faulkner: “After all we saw in 2020 and then the awkward cousin known as 2021, before I accept 2022, I will have to see terms and conditions. In the meantime, I wish you and your family all joy and love hearts can hold. Good new Year!”

Dan Bonino: “And let me just say I’m throwing this out in the air. I’re seriously considering coming up and visiting you guys who live up in Tennessee. I wanted to go to Tennessee, number one. I know I’m meant to be. , that I’m going to do a FaceTime with you guys at night. But I told Paula we should just go and hang out with the crew. I mean, she loves Rachel. They’re like buddy and all. I love Rachel, too. I love you guys. I’m seriously considering it. So I’ll send an email to Fox if I can make it happen. That would be pretty cool. “

Steve Hilton:All in all, this is my first new year as a US citizen, so what does that mean? What do I do differently? Am I getting twice as drunk? Who knows? But I hope you are as well off as I am tonight. Happy New Year!”

Neil Cavuto: “You know, I’m told that the most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, the second most common is to get in shape. I say that this year, after all we’ve been through with the pandemic, we’re turning things around. instead of eating less.What about us laughing more and celebrating more and just enjoying life more, being more together? Maybe instead of worrying about the fat, we just chew the fat with those we love? I know that no. Food for thought. And now, what about us just drowning out life? Happy New Year, everyone! Oh, yes. Mangia. “

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