Five asteroids that could potentially hit Earth in 2022

The new year 2022 may have a lot of unpleasant surprises on the way. NASA has reported that five asteroids will move towards Earth in the first month of 2022 itself. A bus-sized asteroid will approach our planet in the first week of January 2022. According to an Inverse report, the small bus-sized space rock will pass Earth on January 6, 2022. It most likely poses no threat to Earth. In addition, the asteroid, named 2014 YE15, has a diameter of 42 feet. Compared to other asteroids that regularly pass our planet, this asteroid is a smaller occurrence. It is predicted that the asteroid 2014 YE15 will pass closest to Earth on January 6 – it will be at a distance of 4,600,000 miles. The bus-sized asteroid belongs to the Athens asteroids, which orbit the Sun between Earth and Mercury.

Is the Asteroid 2014 YE15 dangerous?

An asteroid larger than 150 meters and approaching within 4.6 million miles is considered by NASA to be a potentially dangerous object. Therefore, given the given size of the asteroid, this means that the 2014 YE15 is not a dangerous object. However, it can be a matter of concern if it goes inches to the ground, because asteroids of such size can create catastrophic destruction if they hit our planet. But it is not. The Asteroid 2020 API, which is the same size as a car, will also pass the Earth on January 7th. This asteroid has an approximate size of 13 feet, and its closest distance to Earth has been predicted to be 1,080,000 miles.

Last but not least, the asteroid 2013 YD48 has also been predicted to approach Earth on 11 January. This asteroid is said to be of an approximate size of 340 feet, and its closest to Earth approach is 3,480,000 miles. The two remaining asteroids are 2021 YK, which will pass Earth on January 2, while the asteroid 2021 BA is likely to approach our planet on January 18.

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