First case of florona detected in Israel, a combined infection of Covid-19 and influenza


First case of florona found in Israel

Florona is a combined infection of coronavirus and influenza

Israel recently discovered the first case of ‘florona’, a combined coronavirus and influenza infection, according to a tweet from Arabic news, a Saudi English-language daily newspaper.

The reports stated that the first case was discovered in a pregnant woman who was admitted to a hospital for childbirth. The woman was not vaccinated against coronavirus.

What is florona?

Florona is a combined infection of coronavirus and influenza. It’s not a new variant of Covid-19, but it’s a double infection. Until now, there is no proper definition of florona by the World Health Organization (WHO), but it said that “it is possible to catch both diseases at the same time”.

“The most effective way to prevent hospitalization and severe Covid-19 and influenza is vaccination with both vaccines,” the WHO said.

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