“Assam must see rationalization ….”: Chief Minister on Special Forces Act


Assam’s Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said today that the government will take pragmatic steps regarding the law on the armed forces (special powers).

“There will be some positive moments regarding the Armed Forces (Special Forces) Act. How and when we do not know. But I am optimistic,” Mr Sarma told a news conference in Guwahati.

The law of the armed forces (special powers) is to be renewed in Assam after four months.

At AFSPA in Nagaland, the BJP leader said the center has formed a panel that will submit a 45-day report. He said they were hoping for a positive development after the report.

The Assam chief minister said the tribe’s militant era in the state is now over as groups now sign up for talks with the government.

Sarma also said that demands for a discussion on sovereignty from ULFA (I) were a stumbling block and his government is trying to break the stalemate.

The Assam prime minister said pressing issues in the Northeast will see a positive development. The prime minister said he looks forward to 2022 as a year of hope.

“There were many annoying issues in the Northeast, and in the last few years under Prime Minister Modi we have seen three major problems resolved – the Bru refugee settlement, the Karbi agreement and the new Bodo agreement,” Sarma said. .


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