Dr. Oz calls Biden’s open border policies ‘disaster’

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz criticized President Biden’s ‘disaster’ immigration policy on ThursdayHannity, “says” every state is really a border state. “

DR. OZ: People here are already worried about immigration issues because I know they use social services, and that’s also talking about the broken pact between Americans and the government. We obey the law, we pay our taxes. The government secures our border. Where [there is] porous border, not only do we get illegal immigrants, we support cartels that trade with people, and they bring opiates across the border, as we have heard from two previous guests this evening. So every state is really a border state that I tweeted out and I think these mid-night flights to Wilkes-Barre Scranton airport are really an issue. It is not whether ICE or Health and Human Services are responsible for the flights. The reality is that these people will be the responsibility of every community, every local government – and the people of Pennsylvania deserve answers.

The first thing when you go into an operating room as a surgeon is what I do… you shine a light on the wound. You want to be able to see everything. The Biden administration does the opposite. They obscure, blur the view, darken the space, and they hide dangerous consequences of this failed border policy. If we had an 18 percent prevalence of COVID last summer among illegal immigrants, imagine what it is today. And think of the crime and drug statistics that are skyrocketing in places like Philadelphia with higher homicide rates than ever before – period … Even more so than the crack wars of the 1990s. Much of this is related to general frustration because you do not know who is who.


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