2 killed after high-speed train from Florida hit car on railroad crossing north of Miami

Two people died when a higher-speed commuter train hit their car as the driver tried to get around the intersecting gate, police said.

The light of the intersecting gate flashed and the bells rang to signal an oncoming train Thursday morning as the car tried to get through, police and Brightline train officials said.

The blue Toyota was left missing on the other side of the street after the accident.


A Brightline Express train between cities during a media tour of Siemens Mobility facilities in Sacramento, California, USA, on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Recently, two people were killed after a train hit a car trying to get around intersecting gate.
(David Paul Morris / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Officials said no one on the train was injured.

“This was a tragic event and the direct result of a person driving around the gates who were down, flashing and bells ringing, signaling an oncoming train,” Brightline said in a statement.

It told Caesar Tavares, who lives nearby in Aventura WSVN he heard the roar.

“I knew right away that the train hit someone because it was really loud. The car was rolling. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Then it stopped suddenly,” he said.

Tavares told the TV station that he often sees people trying to get around the gates.

“The train comes here every 15 minutes and people always stop on the tracks,” he said. “I knew it was bound to happen.”

The trains only recently started running again after being shut down at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

A man walking on the rails of North Miami Beach died when he was hit by a Brightline train earlier this month. It was at least the 49th to involve a Brightline train since Miami to the West Palm Beach line was launched in mid-2017.

An Associated Press study of federal records shows that Brightline has more fatalities per capita. mile than any American railroad, one about every 31,000 miles. Since 2018, an average of about 1,200 people a year have been fatally affected by trains in the United States.


None of the deaths involving Brightline have been blamed for its equipment or crews. Investigations showed that most of the victims were either suicidal, intoxicated, mentally ill or had walked around barriers at an intersection in an attempt to beat the trains, which run up to 79 km / h through densely populated areas.

A pedestrian was killed Thursday by a commuter train in downtown Orlando. Police were investigating the cause of the accident, news media reported.

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