Covid’s third wave has started in clusters in Mumbai, Delhi: Maharashtra Task Force member

A member of the Maharashtra Covid Task Force has said that the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic has started. Dr. Rahul Pandit, a member of the task force, said it was “reasonable” to conclude that the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic has at least begun in some clusters in Delhi and Mumbai.

Dr. Rahul Pandit said initial trends and data on genome sequencing are still awaited, but the Covid-19 wave appears to have been revived in India.

“The rThat, where the cases are doubled, indicates that these are characteristics of Omicron. But we are waiting for the last few days of genome sequencing reports to understand the proportion of Omicron. “Right now it looks like a combination of Delta and Omicron,” Dr. Rahul Pandit told India Today TV.

The Covid-19 Task Force member said one would have to wait for about ten days or so to see the number of admissions relative to the increase in cases.

Dr. Rahul Pandit’s statement came when Mumbai and Delhi recorded exponential growth in daily Covid-19 cases. Both Mumbai and Delhi were one of the biggest hotspots for Covid-19 during the second wave earlier this year.

When asked if there would be a shutdown in the coming days, Dr. Rahul Pandit that the call would be taken by the Maharashtra government given the health infrastructure in mind.

“As a doctor, I would recommend that people follow the rules and do not hesitate to get tested if they notice the symptoms. Lockdown will only be imposed if the government sees if there is a huge pressure on the health infrastructure. Until then, there is no not the need – provided people follow the rules and wear masks in public places, “said Dr. Rahul Pandit.

While many have questioned the logic behind the curfew at. 21:00 to 06:00, experts have justified the government’s move.

“9pm to 6am lockdown has very symbolic significance. It sends a message to people to be more aware of the current situation,” said Dr. Rahul Pandit.

On Wednesday, Mumbai registered 2,510 new Covid-19 cases. The number of active closed buildings in the city has now increased to 45.

Meanwhile, 34 new cases of the new Omicron variant were reported in Mumbai on Wednesday, pushing the city’s numbers to 137.

The Maharashtra government has already rolled out guidelines and imposed restrictions. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has banned all New Year parties and celebrations.

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