PUBG: New State Brings New Update; from weapons to Survivor Pass Vol. 2, know what you are getting

PUBG: New State has just rolled out an update bringing a new weapon, customization capability for weapons, vehicles, Survivor Pass Vol. 2 and a new theme.

PUBG: New State popularity has risen to a new high, and this has surpassed the game’s 45 million downloads worldwide. Now things are ready to get even better for gamers as PUBG developer Krafton has announced the first major update, which is available for both Android and iOS users. The latest game update brings a new weapon, customization option for weapons, vehicles, Survivor Pass Vol. 2 and a new theme too, and this will ensure that players celebrate the upcoming winter holiday season with even greater gusto. PUBG also shows gratitude to players for their support and has prepared a coupon code that can be redeemed for a new ‘Winter Carnival’ box.

The coupon code is WINTERCARNIVAL15. Players may notice that the code expires on January 6, 2022 at. 00:59 (UTC). The code can be redeemed by visiting The information was provided by PUBG New State via its official twitter account, where it said: “As a token of gratitude for your continued support, we have developed a coupon code that you can redeem for a new” Winter Carnival “box! – Coupon Code : WINTERCARNIVAL15 – Link: * This coupon code expires on January 6, 00:59 (UTC). “

Now for the update, here is the list of your updated gaming experience:

PUBG: New State latest update: What’s new?

New weapon: L85A3

With the update, players will now have access to the new weapon L85A3, which is a low-recoil combat rifle. Despite having a slower firing speed than other combat rifles in the game, the L85A3 has the highest damage power of all 5.56mm assault rifles.

Adaptation of weapons

The M416, SLR and L85A3 weapons all have new customization options. The M416 can now be upgraded with a long barrel to increase damage at the expense of higher vertical recoil. The SLR will be able to use a 5.56 mm barrel, which will improve the fire accuracy at the cost of damage. However, it reduces the ADS speed a bit.

New vehicles: Electron and Mesta

PUBG New State players have been given two new vehicles. First up is the Electron, an electric six-seater minibus with more durability than other vehicles in the game, and you can change seats while in the vehicle, even when driving with a full team. The Mesta, a two-seater veteran sports vehicle with fast acceleration and top speeds, is the second option. Troi and Training Ground provide the electron, while Troi, Erangel and Training Ground offer Mesta.

Survivor Pass Vol. 2

Survivor Pass is based on Bella, a member of the Dream Runners Faction in the game. To get all of Bella’s costumes, players must complete the given story missions. Players can also purchase a Premium Pass to unlock multiple vehicle skins and character outfits, as well as get 1,500 NC when they reach level 48.


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