“Waiting for the CBI, others too …”: Akhilesh Yadav on tax attacks on aid workers

Akhilesh Yadav cracked down on BJP over tax raised on helpers.

Former Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Akhilesh Yadav, who is preparing to give a tough fight to the BJP in the crucial state elections, struck out today against the ruling party after the top leaders of the Samajwadi party were assaulted this morning.

“I have said over and over again that as the election approaches … all this is starting to happen. Abhi to the Income Tax Department aaya hai, Enforcement Aayega, CBI aayega (Right now, now the tax department has come … the Enforcement Agency will come, the CBI is coming) but the cycle (Samajwadi party polling symbol) will not stop … its pace will not stop … the BJP will be wiped out by the OP. People in the state will not be fooled. Why was Rajeev Rai not raided a month ago, why now? Because the election is close? “

“The BJP is on the path of the Congress. In the past, when the Congress wanted to intimidate someone, they used such tactics, and the BJP follows in the footsteps of the Congress,” the 48-year-old leader said questioningly – “Why are these raids carried out just before the polls. seems to have joined the poll. ”

This morning, the leader and spokesman of the Samajwadi party, Rajeev Rai, the personal secretary of Akhilesh Yadav, Jainendra Yadav, and another party leader, Manoj Yadav, were assaulted.

A team from the income tax department of Varanasi reached Mr Rai’s home this morning in the eastern UP’s Mau district. Rai owns a group that runs many educational institutions in Karnataka.

“I have no criminal background or black money. I help people and the government did not like it. This is a result of it. If you do something, they make a video, register an FIR, you want to fight a case unnecessarily,” he said as he spoke to reporters at the gate of his residence earlier today. In 2014, Rai Lok was the Sabha candidate from the Ghosi circle.

“Rajeev Rai is the national secretary and spokesman for the Samajwadi Party. He is credited with being the man behind the success of forming the 1st Samajwadi Party government in the UP in 2012 and is the party’s media face,” reads his official website.

The promoter of the RCL Group of Companies, Manoj Yadav, another helper of Akhilesh Yadav, was assaulted in Mainpuri – a stronghold of the Yadav family.

Today’s raids come just before the crucial election to the Assembly, as the state sees Mr Yadav strike out against the BJP over the projects recently launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the UP.

While claiming that all of these projects were started during his tenure, the BJP has said it is merely an attempt to take the credit with an eye on opinion polls.

Some analysts say that Akhilesh Yadav has proved to be an important challenger to the BJP in the UP election.


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