Martha Stewart shows the Christmas crib set she handmade while sitting in jail

Martha Stewart shared the Christmas crib kit on her TikTok account.Charles Sykes / AP

  • Martha Stewart recently posted several Christmas-themed videos to her TikTok account.

  • Stewart, 80, unveiled a Christmas crib set she made while in jail.

  • Stewart was sentenced to five months in prison in 2004 and released in March 2005.

Martha Stewart revealed a Christmas crib set she handmade while in jail in the 2000s.

The lifestyle mogul recently shared a series of holiday-themed videos for her TikTok account, including a video who showed off her birthday last Friday. Stewart wrote the subtitle for the video: “You will never guess where I made this Christmas crib… Get ready for a story.”

“If you want to give a really beautiful and special gift this Christmas with a little street cred, they’re all inspired by – guess what – a set I made when I was incarcerated,” Stewart says in the video.

Stewart, 80, then picked up a Christmas crib that showed her prisoner number at the bottom.

“They still have my number on the bottom. These are exact copies of a Christmas crib I made in my pottery class when I was away at camp,” Stewart said.

Stewart said the set she made while in prison was cast, glazed, painted and went through the firing process. She then showed a replica set of 14 parts she made, which was glazed in white.

In 2004, Stewart was convicted on one case of conspiracy, two cases of false statements and one case of obstruction of the Agency’s procedure. She spent five months in a prison with minimum security before five months of imprisonment.

The conviction was related to an incident in 2001 in which Stewart – after receiving information that was not publicly available – sold his ImClone Systems shares a day before their value fell. That US Securities and Exchange Commission estimated that Stewart avoided a loss of more than $ 45,000.

Martha Stewart leaves Manhattan court after her jail sentence.

Martha Stewart left Manhattan Federal Court after being sentenced to prison in 2004.New York Daily News Archive / Getty Images

That Associated Press reported that prosecutors accused Stewart of lying about receiving the tip.

She was later released in 2005 and has since spoken publicly about his experience.

In 2004 CNN reported that Stewart shared a note about her prison life on his website.

“There is no real help, no real program for rehabilitation, no programs to educate, no way to be prepared for life ‘out there’ where every person will eventually find themselves, many without skills and no preparation for life, she wrote.

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