How to make calls via Gmail: Steps for laptops, Android, iPhone

Make free calls on Gmail: How to do it on laptops, Android and iPhone devices.

Gmail is a gift that keeps on giving. Over the last few years, we’ve seen several cool features come here just to make our email experience enjoyable. Earlier this year, Google gave the Google Workspace features away for free to all users, and along with that came the feature to make calls. This is not a new feature as it was previously available through Hangouts. But Google now makes it more convenient to access.

In the latest version of Gmail, you can easily make calls from any device, whether it’s a laptop, your Android smartphone or tablet, or your iPhone. You can easily make these calls on any device here.

Gmail calls on Android, iPhone

The process of making Gmail calls on Android and iPhone devices is easy. If you have a regular Gmail account:

– Open the Gmail app and press the “Meet” button on the taskbar.

– Now press the “New meeting” button. You get options to start a meeting right away, share the meeting link, or schedule one in Google Calendar.

– If you choose to attend an instant meeting, press the “Share invitation” button to share the link with your caller.

– When they click on the link, they are automatically brought to the meeting room. You can add more participants to the Gmail meeting.

If you have a Google Workspace account, the process is similar too. However, you can also use the Google Chat site to make a call.

Open Gmail and press the “Chat” button.

– Select your char window from the ones listed and open it.

– Now press the “+” icon and select “Meet Link”.

– You will see a Meet Link in the text field that you need to send.

– Now both you and your contact person must click on the link to start a meeting.

Gmail calls on PC

Whether you have a workspace account or a regular account, this is how you make a call via Gmail on your PC.

– Open Gmail in your web browser.

– Scroll down to the “Meeting” section on the left side and click on “New meeting”.

– A new window will pop up with an invitation link.

– You can either copy this link to share via text, or you can send the same via email to your caller.

– Once you have submitted it, click on the “Sign up now” button and wait until the other person joins via the same link.


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