DRDO scientist warned of explosion in Delhi court

The accused has been identified as Bharat Bhushan Kataria (49). He committed the crime to seek revenge on his neighbor, lawyer Amit Vashistha, due to a lengthy legal battle between the two.

Delhi Police Special Cell has arrested a scientist in connection with low-intensity explosion in Rohini court on 9 December, said Commissioner of Police Rakesh Asthana on Saturday. The scientist, who is employed by DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization), apparently wanted to eliminate his neighbor, police said.

Mr. Asthana said the accused has been identified as Bharat Bhushan Kataria (49). He committed the crime to seek revenge on his neighbor, lawyer Amit Vashistha, due to a lengthy legal battle between the two.

Improvised explosive

The commissioner said that after the explosion in courtroom number 102, the case was registered on charges of attempted murder and under the Explosives Act transferred to the special cell for investigation as the initial investigation revealed the involvement of an improvised explosive device.

“Given the seriousness of the situation, the Special Cell Northern Range started the investigation. The discovery was more significant because an exchange of fire took place inside the Rohini court recently and this was the second incident and therefore we took the court’s safety very seriously,” said Mr. Asthana.

During the investigation, 1,000 cars driven into the court were identified and their owners and drivers examined. Over 100 surveillance cameras in and around the complex and 1,000 hours of footage were examined to establish a sequence. “Based on the sequence, dump data analysis was performed. All the day’s hearings in the said court and the people who attended them were examined along with those who entered the room on the day,” Mr Asthana said.

The crime scene and the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) were investigated by both the Forensic Science Laboratory and the National Security Guard. It was found that the materials used are readily available in the market.

The IED blast was triggered by the remote control used in vehicles, police said. The bag used to locate the IED was tracked to a medical device manufactured by a multinational company, and its distributors were examined. The IED was filled with screws and shrapnel. “During the blast, only the detonator went off. “If the explosive had been detonated, more damage would have been done,” Mr Asthana said.

By gathering the evidence and clues from the investigation, police set off with Kataria and questioned him on Friday, after which he was arrested. “During his house search, several archives, identical to those in the IED bag, covered similar screws used as shrapnel in the IED. [and] remnants of the black adhesive tape used to make the IED have been recovered, “said Rajeev Ranjan Singh, Deputy Commissioner for Police (Special Cell).

According to police, the CCTV footage showed Mr. Kataria enter the court complex at. 9:33 with a bag in hand and a portable bag on the back. He then left the bags somewhere inside the court and went out of another gate and entered the premises again from another. He finally left in a hurry at. 10:35 from street number 8 with only the laptop bag on the back.

Further investigations revealed that Mr Kataria and Mr Vashistha lived in the same building until about 3 years ago. Police said they had a long-running dispute over 10 years and had filed over a dozen civil and criminal cases against each other. One such case against Mr Kataria was filed on December 9 in courtroom 102 for arguments.

According to police, Mr Kataria entered the courtroom around 1 p.m. 10.15 and placed a bag containing the explosive charge behind Mr Vashistha, who was sitting in the back row, after which he triggered the IED from a safe distance with a remote control.

Police said Mr Kataria planted the IED to eliminate Mr Vashistha “as he was very frustrated due to the protracted legal battles which caused problems in his career as well as prolonged mental harassment and financial loss for him and his family. “.


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