Delhi bombing: DRDO researcher plants bomb to ‘kill neighbor’, police say after arrest

Hours later arrest of a 49-year-old man for allegedly planting a tiffin bomb inside Rohini City Court to kill his neighbor, who is a lawyer, Delhi police said on Saturday that the accused is a DRDO scientist who was locked in a court battle with the lawyer.

It told a senior police officer from the Special Cell Indian Express that the accused has been identified as Bharat Bhushan Kataria. ‘We have sufficient evidence against him, including electronic evidence proving his presence in the courtroom. Now we are trying to find out if anyone else was involved, “the officer said, adding that they have” ruled out any terrorist angle. “

Police had said at the time that it was a “minor low-intensity explosion” and that the device was in a black backpack left in the courtroom by an unknown person. “Several teams from Special Cell worked around the clock, and the Northern Range meanwhile gained a head start after checking the list of all cases in courtroom number 102 on December 10. They questioned these men and asked if they had a previous rivalry with anyone. Police also began checking CCTV cameras and found footage of a man they found suspicious. the police picked him up quickly, ”said a senior officer.

During the investigation, the police found out that Kataria’s neighbor had brought an action for causing damage, and in one of the last court hearings, the court sentenced Kataria to a fine of Rs 1,000 for unnecessary postponement. “Review of the case files shows that the case is pending for arguments on the aspect of discharge / drafting of the notice since 2019, and the accused has twice been given the opportunity to hand over the copy of the judgments he has invoked to the complainant. When that is the case, the accused will be charged a cost of Rs 1,000, which will have to be paid to the complainant for this unnecessary postponement, ”said Metropolitan Magistrate Pritu Raj in his order on 1 November.

Police also found out that Kataria has a property in Ashok Vihar and his rival is staying on one of its floors. “The rivalry started between them about six years ago over the issue of installing an elevator in the four-story building. On December 20, there is a final argument in the case and charges should be brought against Qatar,” an officer said.

Delhi police had been informed by forensic experts and the National Security Guard (NSG) that the orbit of the “tiffin bomb” had not been assembled properly, so only the detonator went off and not the half kilogram of ammonium nitrate-based explosive. “Forensic experts said the bomb was placed in a steel tiffin and had ammonium nitrate-based explosives. It also had a significant amount of shrapnel. But during assembly, it was not placed properly … It appears that only the detonator exploded,” he said. a politician at the time.


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