Congress concludes ‘Terrible Year’ with divisions as bitter as ever

In the House, two Republicans, representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia and Paul Gosar from Arizona, were deprived of their committee duties for posting on social media that contained threats of violence against democratic colleagues – and a third, representative Lauren Boebert from Colorado, could still be sanctioned for suggesting that one of two Muslim women in the House, Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, could be a suicide bomber. When Parliament on Tuesday discussed Mrs Omar’s bill to create a post in the Foreign Ministry to combat anti-Muslim bigotry, Representative Scott Perry, Republicans from Pennsylvania, accused Mrs Omar of harboring terrorist sympathies.

Insults and shouts have become the order of the day. Ms. Taylor Greene appeared in September at a Democratic news event to ravage the majority party, call them baby killers. In July, Liberal protesters mocked her and other far-right members of the House with scorn and ridicule as they tried to hold a media event condemning the treatment of those imprisoned for the attack on the Capitol.

In fact, the ill-will on Capitol Hill cannot be separated from the January 6 attack – and the fallout from it – a hasty federal lawsuit against Mr. Trump, who ended with acquittal and an attempt to convene a two-part commission to investigate the attack that ended with a Republican filibuster in the Senate.

Norman J. Ornstein, an emeritus researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, labeled Congress as “the broken branch” back in 2006. But 2021, he said, started “not just with a broken branch, but a broken capital.” ”

In February, Republicans in the Senate had the chance to prevent Mr. Trump in ever running for office by joining the Democrats in convicting him of inciting an uprising. While seven Republicans voted to judge, the Senate needed 10 more.

Ms. Murkowski said the revelations since those events – that some Republicans in the House of Representatives encouraged the overthrow of Mr Biden’s victory, that Fox News personalities begged Mr Trump to stop the riots and that the former president embraced an illegal, step-by-step steps to maintain control – further validated her vote to convict Mr Trump and set up an independent inquiry.

“On the Republican side, there was such an effort – we have to get this behind us; we have to get beyond that – and in fairness we have work to do every day,” she said. not just a bad disagreement about politics. This was a revolt. This was a threat to our very democracy. “

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