Thousands of seats reportedly unsold at Trump and Bill O’Reilly’s Orlando event

Thousands of seats in a Orlando, Florida, the arena was empty for the former president Donald Trump‘s recent “History Tour” appearance with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, according to ticket sales tracked by the Orlando Sentinel.

Only 5,406 of 8,700 tickets for sale prior to the event last Sunday at Amway Center The stadium was sold according to records at the city-owned stadium. The stadium’s total listed capacity did not even include “large shards of the top bowl covered with a tarp before the event started,” the newspaper reported Thursday.

Hundreds of tickets for the seats in the covered area had been put up for sale as late as Sunday morning, but were suddenly made inaccessible and left unfilled, the Sentinel reported. People who had already bought tickets in that section were moved down to fill empty bottom seats.

Amway Center’s staged capacity for a stage set-up like Trump and O’Reilly’s is typical between 12,500 and 17,000, according to the newspaper.

Nearly 800 additional people in addition to the number of tickets sold went through the lumberjacks, Sentinel reported, possibly because they had free tickets. But the total number was still less than half of the venue’s capacity, according to the newspaper.

Turnout was similarly bad for the event the night before in Sunshine, Florida, where the top tier of the FLA Live Arena was also closed down and ticket holders that were moved down to fill some of the lower empty seats, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Trump Assistant Liz Harrington had shared a statement prior to the event on her Twitter account: “See you in Sunrise, FL, in a little while. … Large crowds!” The message was attributed to “President” Trump.

Months earlier, Harrington had insisted the trip would be completely sold out.

It revealed Politico in July ticket sales for the trip were sluggish and noted that O’Reilly had threatened one of the business’s reporters and said, “I will sue your ass” if the information was revealed.

Most tickets for the tour cost from $ 100 to $ 300, but tickets for “special admission”, which includes an opportunity to meet and pose for photos with Trump and O’Reilly, sold for up to $ 8,500, Business Insider reported.

Tickets for the Orlando event cost as little as $ 40 a day for Trump’s appearance, the Orlando Sentinel noted.

The tour, which concludes this weekend in Houston and Dallas, features O’Reilly interviewing Trump. Fox News fired the expert in 2017 after a series of allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Trump told O’Reilly on stage in Sunshine that as president he had discovered that the world leaders he “got the best out of were tyrants. For some reason, I got along well with them.”

This article was originally published on HuffPost and has been updated.

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