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CNN Underscored is constantly testing products – whether it’s coffee machines or office chairs – to find the absolute best in each respective category.

Our testing process is rigorous and consists of hours of research (expert advice, reading editorial reviews and reviewing user reviews) to find the best products in each category. Once we get started with a test pool, we spend weeks – if not months – testing and retesting each product several times in a real environment. All this in an attempt to find the absolute best products.

This year, we tested dozens of sleep-related products – from bedding to alarm clocks – to find the best products you need to get the rest you need.


Have you ever wished you could sleep on the clouds? Well, the Brookline duvets are the closest to it. From the moment we took it out of the packaging, we had a clue that this would be a favorite. And we were right.

The duvet is available in three different weight options: light, all-season and ultra-warm. We tested the year-round duvet, and despite the fact that it was the middle of winter with falling temperatures indoors and outdoors, we found that it perfectly balanced warm warmth with breathability. Although it is at the heavier end of the spectrum (it boasts a 700 fill strength and baffle box design), we have never found the duvet catch too much heat or cause night sweats. The duvet, with its 100% cotton satin shell, was one of the softest we tested – and the one we kept coming back to cuddle in most nights.

When it comes to warmth and comfort, the Legends Hotel Alberta Down Comforter from The Company Store is second to none.

Full disclosure: This duvet is for really frosty climates, or especially cold sleepers. Although they are available in three different weights – light, medium and extra, all of which have a baffle box construction – we have tested and recommended the option of extra heat (which has a filling strength of 650). While our main tester, who tends to sleep warm, found this high duvet a little too heavy to sleep with all night, a cold-sleeping family member absolutely loved the warm Legends Hotel Alberta duvets provided.

The Buffy Cloud Comforter was like no other duvet we tested. This down alternative duvet was by far the best alternative version we tested – and the only one we would recommend, as the other down alternatives we tested lacked both construction quality and comfort.

Although this was a new type of material for us – as we typically sleep with a duvet in our non-testing days – we found the fabric to be very soft and light, but still heavy enough to keep us warm all night. The duvet was also very quiet and emitted no creaking noises when changing sleeping positions.

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Luxurious without feeling too thick or too heavy, Garnet Hill offers a deliciously comfortable flannel sheet at a medium-to-high price, starting at $ 197 for a queen set (which includes two pillowcases, a furniture sheet and a flat sheet). These flannels come in many varieties of colors and sizes, and instill confidence that you will get a quality product that will last for many years to come.

Very close to our overall favorite because it’s both super cozy and the lightest of all the sets we tested is the West Elms organic flannel plate, which starts at $ 170 for a queen set. These sheets did not come out on top because they are only available in two colors and cannot be ordered a la carte like Garnet Hill sheets.

If you sleep in really cold weather and you want to feel positively bundled, LLBean makes a heavy flannel layer for you – at a competitive price for the level of craftsmanship in it for $ 119 for a queen set.

Pinzon by Amazon also delivers an excellent and very warm night’s sleep, proving to be a significant flannel layer for only $ 70.99 for a queen set. It’s half the price of some of the other high-end brands, but you will not feel like you’re sacrificing quality.

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Making the bed with these sheets was effortless. We have struggled with tight-fitting cotton sheets before and wondered why bed making has to be really cumbersome. Parachute bedding was large but not bagged. They fit comfortably on the bed, like a lovingly worn linen button. The summer evening we first tested these, the sheets were soft but also firm. If this sounds unpleasant, it was the other way around: cool, light and luxurious. Our first mental note was that we felt like we were sleeping on a cloud.

These are a more robust, thicker option than some of the ones we tested, and therefore feel like they will go well in colder weather. Without an air conditioner that blew directly on us in the heat of summer, these sheets felt almost heavy – so they would not be our first recommendation for warm sleeping cabins. In a more temperature controlled room, however, they felt so cozy that we did not want to leave the bed.

After even the first wash, these beauties became markedly soft, making them even more warm.

These plates are the definition of soft. So comfortable. So enveloping. Then melted. (They are made from 100% French and Belgian linen, made in Portugal, and Oeko-Tex certified for chemical safety.) We dissolved them in a very comfortable way. They felt like they had been washed and re-washed dozens of times, and they had already achieved that texture, and from a sleeping experience alone, they were our favorite.

Best Affordable Linen Sheets: Amazon Simple & Opulence 100% Washed Linen Sheets (starting at $ 114;

For less than $ 150, this is a very satisfying set of linens. While the sheets were a little less luxurious and special than some of the other sets with special details or details, these rank as high quality, durable bedding more than worth their weight.

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Boll & Branch

The Casper Sateen Duvet Cover was without a doubt the best duvet cover we tested. From the moment we took it out of the bag, we knew this one was going to be a winner. Between the zipper closure at the bottom and the hidden holes in the corners to make it easier to attach the cover to the duvet, the design of this duvet cover blew the others we tested out of the water – all to get in the middle of the road price tag.

For the colder months, or for those who want to equip their cozy cabin, the LLBean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Comforter Cover will give you the extremely softest feeling, while adding some warmth as it was made from the thickest material we tested . And for less than $ 100 for a king-size cover, its quality and comfort surpass the price.

Best Luxury Duvet Cover: Boll & Branch Signature Eyelet Duvet Cover Set (starting at $ 358;

Want something a little more than just plain Jane when it comes to design? If so, the Boll & Branch Signature Eyelet Duvet Cover is the perfect middle ground: it’s elegant, but adds some design elements with edges. A full overlay also covers the bottom buttons and completes the design edge. The quality is excellent, with all seams, ties and buttons completely secure. Note that this duvet cover is not cheap – in fact, it’s the most expensive of all we’ve tested – but it’s one of the few luxury brands that also includes shams, making it easy to make sure your bedding matches.

If you love going into a hotel room and sitting comfortably on the slim beds, you will love the Mellanni Microfiber Duvet Cover. With hidden button covers and matching shams and pillows, this comfortable duvet cover will give an elegant ambiance to your bedroom – for only about $ 30 in total for a set in five parts, an absolute theft in our book.

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Fishers Finery – made from the finest silk available – felt luxuriously silky soft, fitted perfectly to our pillows, offered beautiful nights sleep and was easy to wash and dry both by hand and in the machine.

MYK Silk Natural Silk Cushion Cover, with lovely silk on one side and white cotton on the other, offered a good fit, restful sleep and at about half the price of the Fishers Finery option – although it is especially less luxurious.

We could not get enough sleep on the Lunya Washable Silk Cushion Cover. Also a silk on one side, cotton on the other option, Lunya’s silk surface case was the most sumptuous to touch, and design details made it feel significantly elevated.

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Kai Burkhardt / CNN

The Jall Wooden Digital Alarm Clock looks great and has everything you need in an alarm clock. It is easy to set up, read and use and can wake you up reliably with multiple alarms.

DreamSky is an easy-to-use alarm clock without bells and whistles to get in the way. DreamSky is simple, durable and extremely readable and gets you out of bed in the morning with a loud beep that is not too spectacular.

The Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520 is able to wake you up gently with light that gradually brightens to mimic dawn, and is a fantastic sunrise alarm clock and one of the best all-around alarm clocks we have tested, with intuitive programming, a wide range of alarm tones and a radio.

With the most intense, abrasive sound of any alarm we tested, a strobe light and a vibrating puck that you place under your pillow, the Sonic Bomb can wake even the heaviest sleepers

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Benjamin Levin / CNN

Sound + Sleep Mini contains 48 different sounds, such as rain, streams, winds, sea sounds, white noise and many more. The other devices we tested have some of these sounds, but the Mini is one of the only ones to have them all. .

While our overall choice is a classic sound machine, the Hatch Restore includes additional features such as a large color-changing light on the front, a digital clock display and routines to help you relax and fall asleep more easily.

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Let’s get straight to our favorite thing about this mask: the adjustable nose wire. Similar to the nasal thread in the masks that we have become all too familiar with over the last year, Mavogel’s nose wire lets you get the perfect light-blocking fit that locks in place. Many masks had a small crack of light around the bridge of the nose. However, this mask formed the best seal around the edges and blocked more light than any other mask we tested.

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