See: Buying expensive gift for boyfriend, 3 men robbed a house in Delhi

Three men were arrested on Friday for robbing a man in Delhi.

New Delhi:

Three men were arrested on Friday for robbing a man in his house in southwestern Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar area, police said. One of the men, who had previously been in jail, planned the robbery to please his girlfriend with expensive gifts when she was upset with him.

The accused have been identified as Shubham (20), a resident of RK Puram, Asif (19), a resident of Nizamuddin, and Mohammad Shariful Mulla (41), a resident of Jamia Nagar.

A special team tried to collect surveillance footage to identify the criminals, but there were no cameras in the neighborhood, police said.

During the investigation, Mr Kumar told police that the criminals referred to one of them as Shubham. Police say they then checked about 150 criminal records with the name Shubham and identified the accused.

During questioning, Shubham revealed that he was arrested for snatching mobile phones from the Sarojini Nagar area in July and was released in November. He had become friends with Asif while sitting in jail and met him again when he came out, police said.

According to police, a complaint was received by an Aditya Kumar, resident of Sarojini Nagar, on Tuesday, in which he claimed that around 3.30pm when he was alone in his house, someone rang his doorbell and when he opened the door. , entered the house by force and showed him a gun. Sir. Kumar works in Pitampura as CEO of a multinational company, said DCP Southwest Delhi Gaurav Sharma.

The victim said they started beating him and when he tried to resist, they tied him up and took his laptop, cell phone, a bag with his clothes, jacket, shoes, wristwatch, etc. and his scooter with them, one said. senior. police officer.

After some time, he managed to free himself and called his relatives over Facebook from an extra laptop, which then informed police, they said.

On Friday, police caught Shubham along with his two accomplices driving a robbed scooter in the Sarojini Nagar area, said Deputy Police Commissioner (Southwest) Gaurav Sharma.

Shubham has previously been involved in two cases, Asif in three and Mulla also in three cases, police said.

Two scooters, a laptop, four stolen cell phones, a bag along with clothes and shoes and a wristwatch were found from their possession, police added.


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