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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday said “demolition (todna phodna)” of existing structures, while transformation of urban areas is not the way to meet the changing needs of modern times, presenting the example of redevelopment of Kashi Vishwanath Temple as an example of merging tradition with rejuvenation.
Speaking virtually at a mayoral conference across India in Varanasi, Modi said the work in Kashi shows how remodeling can meet current requirements while preserving history.
“We believe in evolution and we do not need revolution today. We need the rejuvenation of urban areas. The demolition of all old structures and the destruction of everything that is old is not our way of doing things. We must modernize while preserving the old and what we have for years, “he said.
The Prime Minister’s comments are also important in connection with the rebuilding of Central Vista in the capital, where critics have accused the government of not paying attention to heritage. Modi said that most Indian cities are rooted in traditions and that their rejuvenation should be achieved while preserving these traditions. As Chief Minister of Gujarat, he had overseen what is now considered the successful reconstruction of the Sabarmati River.
The Prime Minister reiterated his earlier statement that the development of Varanasi (Kashi) could be the roadmap for the rest of the country. “He noted that these cities can teach us how to preserve heritage and local skills. The Prime Minister insisted that the destruction of existing structures is not the way, but emphasis should be placed on rejuvenation and preservation. This should be done in accordance with the requirements of modern times. “, reads a statement from the PMO.
Modi urged mayors to take actions during their tenure that are remembered by the people they serve. He asked the mayors to have a healthy competition between the departments in their municipalities for cleanliness parameters. He also urged the mayor to find out the “birthdays” of their cities and celebrate them in style.


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