Sourav Ganguly “Should be asked about disagreements”, says Sunil Gavaskar about Virat Kohli’s captain’s remark | Cricket news

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar feels that Sourav Ganguly is the best person to clear the air about Virat Kohli’s conflicting statement on the issue of captaincy, saying that the BCCI president “should surely be asked” how the difference in opinion arose. Days after Kohli left the T20I captain, Ganguly said the BCCI had asked the superstar owner to reconsider its decision. Kohli had, however, contradicted Ganguly’s statement during his explosive press conference on Wednesday ahead of departure for the South Africa Test series.

“I think it (Kohli’s comment) does not actually bring BCCI into the picture. I think it is the individual who should be asked where he got the impression that he had conveyed such a message to Kohli. So, that’s the only thing, ” Gavaskar told ‘India Today’.

“Yes, he (Ganguly) is the BCCI president and he should definitely be asked why there is this discrepancy. He is probably the best person to ask about the discrepancy in what you seem to have to say and what the Indian captain has said, “he added.

Kohli’s comments had revealed the smoldering tension between him and BCCI officials after he was also removed as ODI skipper earlier this month.

Kohli had said that his removal from the ODI leadership took place 90 minutes before the team’s selection for the South Africa tour, but Gavaskar believed there was nothing wrong with the selection committee chairman, Chetan Sharma, on that point.

“What is the disagreement here. As long as the chairman of the selections had told him clearly that we are not considering you as ODI captain now, that’s all right. It’s the electors who have full authority, are selection committee meetings. The captain is just an adjunct member without the right to vote, “Gavaskar said.

“As long as it’s not something he (Kohli) has not found out in the media, or as it has happened in the past, that the commander of a passenger plane announced it. I think he has been told by the chairman of the selection committee , that he should not be captain, that I think is perfectly okay.

“I do not know what these people wanted to do. As long as there has been communication between the chairman of the selection committee and him, it is decent to do,” he added.

Gavaskar pointed out that it is time for BCCI to start clear communication channels to avoid such a failure in the future.


“Yes, it always helps to have a clear line of communication so that there is no speculation. So from now on what has happened should be a clear line of communication and the chairman of the selection committee can come down and say why he has been picked and why he has not been picked.

“Sometimes, even if it’s not necessary, a press release is also good enough. A good press release with all the reasons makes life a lot easier,” the former captain said.

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