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NEW DELHI: The United States has slammed Pakistan to make little progress in the fight against terrorism, in particular in its commitment to dismantle all terrorist organizations without delay or discrimination.
In its ‘Country Reports on Terrorism 2020’ US Department of State noted that several terrorist groups continue to operate from Pakistan, in particular those targeting India, such as the LeT and its affiliated front organizations, and Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).
It further added that Pakistan did not intervene against other known terrorists such as the JeM founder and UN-designated terrorist Masood Azhar and 2008 Mumbai attacked “project manager” Sajid Mir, both of whom are believed to be free-ranging in Pakistan.
Contrast in access
The report noted that Pakistani military and security forces carried out several counter-terrorism operations against groups carrying out attacks in Pakistan, such as Tehrike-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), ISIS-K and Balochistan Liberation Army.
Military, paramilitary and civilian security forces conducted numerous CT operations throughout Pakistan against anti-state militants.
However, it took only a few steps in 2020 to counter terrorist financing and deter India-focused militant groups from carrying out attacks, the report said.
Pakistan made some positive contributions to Afghanistan’s peace process, such as encouraging the Taliban to reduce violence, the report said. It added, however, that groups targeting Afghanistan, including the Afghan Taliban and the affiliated Haqqani network, continue to operate from Pakistani territory.
Pakistan made some progress in 2020 towards completing its Financial Action Task Force Action Plan, but did not complete all points of the action plan and remained on the FATF’s “gray list”, the report said.

‘Indian security forces effective’

The report noted that Indian security agencies are effective in disrupting terrorist threats even though there are still gaps in intelligence services and information sharing.
It said the Indian government was making significant efforts to detect, disrupt and disrupt terrorist organizations’ operations within its borders, but that Indian security forces are showing limited capacity to patrol and secure extensive maritime and land borders.
The report also said that there were 66 known fighters of Indian origin affiliated with ISIS in November.
It added that India is responding to US requests for information related to terrorist investigations in a timely manner and is making an effort to mitigate threats in response to US information. Over the past two years, the collaboration has disrupted terrorist trips and warned U.S. authorities of possible threats in the United States and against U.S. interests, the report said.


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