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No NOC is issued for diesel vehicles that have been running for 15 years or more on the date of application.

NEW DELHI: In a repression of old polluting vehicles, the Delhi government has decided to deregister all diesel vehicles that have completed or will be completed 10 years on January 1, 2022.
The move comes in the wake of a ruling by the National Green Tribunal (NGT).
The Transport Department stated in an executive order earlier this week that no objection certificate (NOC) will be issued against the deregistered vehicles so that they can be re-registered elsewhere. However, the department will not issue NOCs for diesel vehicles that have been running for 15 years or more on the application date.
NGT has issued instructions regarding restrictions on the registration and transportation of more than 10 year old diesel vehicles and more than 15 year old gasoline vehicles in Delhi-NCR.
The Green Court ruled in July 2016 that its order to deregister more than 10-year-old diesel vehicles must be complied with effectively and without default.
“The deregistration of diesel cars for more than 15 years was initially to be addressed. “In accordance with NGT’s instructions, the transport department deregistered a number of vehicles, but in the meantime, a new set of diesel vehicles that have been driving for more than 10 years in Delhi must be deregistered,” the transport department said in an order.
Under the order, the Transport Department will deregister all diesel vehicles in Delhi that have completed or would be completed in 10 years on January 1, 2022. No NOC will be issued for diesel vehicles that have been running for 15 years or more on the date to apply for NOC .
NOC for diesel cars up to 10 years and under 15 years old petrol cars can be issued for any place in the country. NOCs for diesel vehicles over 10 years of age and petrol vehicles over 15 years of age will be issued to other States on condition that such NOCs will not be issued for the sites identified by the States as restricted areas in the order of the NGT which: had instructed the states to identify areas where the dispersion of the air is higher and the density of the vehicle is least, ”the order states.
The department has provided an assistance measure to thousands of vehicle owners whose diesel vehicles have reached the age of 10 and petrol cars have reached the age of 15. The department will allow vehicle owners to convert their 10-year-old diesel and 15-year-old petrol cars to electric if they want to drive their vehicles in the capital.
“Reassembly of such vehicles with impanelated electrical sets shall take place through agencies approved by the Department of Transportation,” the order states. The empanelment process for electrical kits is under consideration.
In all other cases, the only resort would be to scrap vehicles that are more than 10 years old (diesel) and 15 years old (gasoline), the ruling states.



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