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Indian Test captain Virat Kohli Wednesday opened up about how the whole process of appointing Rohit Sharma as Team India’s new ODI captain, in his place, went. While Virat addressed the media before the team’s departure for the Test series in South Africa, he said he was informed by voters that he would no longer be ODI captain just an hour and a half before the test squad for the South Africa series was announced and that there was no any prior communication about the same from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

This statement from Virat contradicts the statements of BCCI President Sourav Ganguly over the last few days. Ganguly had mentioned that he had personally spoken to Kohli about the decision to appoint Rohit Sharma as the new ODI captain, and so did the chairman of the electorate, Chetan Sharma.

Ganguly had further mentioned that Kohli was asked not to resign from the captaincy of the T20Is, but Kohli also contradicted it when he said that his decision to resign from the T20I captaincy was well received by the Indian cricket board.

Here’s what Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly said about the questions.

On Virat Kohli resigning from the T20I leadership:

Sourav Ganguly“… In fact, the BCCI had asked Virat not to resign as T20I skipper, but he obviously did not agree. And the voters did not feel right to have two different captains for two whiteball formats,” Ganguly told ANI.

Virat Kohli: “When I left the T20 captaincy, I had first approached the BCCI and hinted at my decision and put my point of view in front of them (officials).

“I gave the reasons why I wanted to leave the T20 leadership, and my view was received very nicely. There was no offense, no hesitation, and not for once was I told that ‘you should not leave the T20- leadership ‘, “Kohli said, in stark contrast to what Ganguly had said a few days earlier during the press conference.

“On the contrary, the BCCI called it a progressive step and in the right direction. By that time, I had communicated that yes, I would like to continue in tests and ODIs, unless officials and voters think I should not continue with this responsibility.

“I had clarified my call and the communication to BCCI was clear. I had given the opportunity, if officials and voters think otherwise, then it is in their hands (their call),” he added.

By informing Virat Kohli that he does not want to be ODI captain:

Sourav Ganguly“It was decided that Virat will continue as test captain and Rohit will take over as the white ball captain. I as president spoke in person to Virat Kohli and the chairman of the selectors has also spoken to him,” Ganguly told ANI.

Virat Kohli: “Whatever was said about the communication that happened about the decision that was made was inaccurate.”

“I was contacted an hour and a half before the selection meeting on the 8th of the test series, and there was no prior communication to me since I announced my decision on the T20 captain.


“… the chief selector discussed the test team, which we both agreed on.

“Before I ended the call, I was told that the five voters have decided that I do not want to be the ODI captain, to which I replied ‘okay fine,'” Kohli said.

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