Investigative journalism disappears … everything in our garden looks rosy, says CJI Ramana

The concept of investigative journalism is “unfortunately disappearing from the media canvas”, Chief Justice of India NV Ramana said on Wednesday.

“In the past, we have witnessed newspaper reports of scandals and dishonesty that have created waves that have led to serious consequences. (But) except for one or two, I can not remember any history of such magnitude in recent years. Everything in our garden seems to be rosy. I leave it to you to reach your own conclusions, “CJI said as he spoke at the launch of the book” Blood Sanders: The Great Forest Heist, “written by journalist Sudhakar Reddy Udumula.

CJI recalled his affiliation with the author, saying that Reddy’s family came from a village close to his own home in Andhra Pradesh. “I am reminded of my village, good old days and good friends. I have longed to visit my village. (I) hope to do so very soon, “he said in Telugu.

“As someone whose first job was that of a journalist, I allow myself to share a few thoughts on today’s media,” said CJI Ramana. “Unfortunately, the concept of investigative journalism is disappearing from the media – it is at least true in the Indian context. When we were growing up, we eagerly looked forward to newspapers revealing major scandals; the newspapers (then) never disappointed us. ”

CJI had begun his professional career as a journalist with the newspaper ‘Eenadu’.

Speaking on the subject of the book, the CJI said that red sandalwood trees face the threat of extinction. “Like all good things in this world, Red Sanders also fell victim to human greed.”

“According to an estimate presented by the author, in the last two decades, nearly 60 lakhs of Red Sanders trees have been cut,” he said. “Smuggling from the forest area spread over 5.30,097 hectares resulted in the arrest of over 2,000 people from the neighboring state alone. Many have lost their lives. Offenders as well as law enforcers suffered deaths. “


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