Netflix plans in India get price reduction; start now at Rs 149: Here are the details

Netflix has announced new and reduced prices for plans in India, where the subscription for mobile only now starts at 149 Rs per month instead of the previous 199 Rs per month. The new plans will apply to all customers. The move is likely part of Netflix’s attempt to woo multiple subscribers in the country, as it is still the most expensive streaming service in the country.

Under the new pricing scheme, the Netflix Basic plan will now cost 199 Rs a month; the plan used to cost 499 Rs per. month earlier, so this is quite a drop in price. The standard Netflix plan now costs Rs 499 per month instead of Rs 649 as the previous price.

Finally, the most expensive Netflix plan, which is the premium plan, will now cost 649 Rs per month. This plan used to cost Rs 799 a month earlier. Here are the other details you need to keep in mind about the new plans.

Netflix has some new and discounted prices for India. Here’s a look. (Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix new plans, features

The price change will take place on December 14, which is today and will take effect from the next billing cycle for all members. New members can simply sign up for Netflix and choose the plans for the new prices.

For Netflix members on the mobile, base, or standard plan, the company will upgrade them to the plan, which is one level higher than the current plan, at the same monthly price you pay for Netflix today. So mobile subscription users will be upgraded to the basic plan for 199 Rs per month.

Users will receive a notification on their device where they can select ‘Confirm Upgrade’ to use the plan or select another plan they want. Overall, prices have been reduced by 18-60 percent across different levels.

The Netflix mobile plan now starts at 149 Rs per month. The mobile subscription supports either a mobile or tablet with 480p resolution. You can not access Netflix on a TV or computer with this subscription. However, the account can only be accessed by one device at a time.

The basic plan of 199 Rs per. month will also limit the resolution to 480p, but you can also access the account on a computer and a TV. But the limited unit remains on one.

The standard plan for Netflix now costs Rs 499 per month and comes with the support of two devices at the same time. It has 1080p resolution. The account can be accessed on mobile, TV, computers and tablets.

The most premium Netflix account now costs 649 Rs per month with 4K resolution and the ability to access the app from four devices at the same time. The content can be viewed on all four devices, which are a mobile, tablet, computer and TV.

While Netflix has reduced prices, rival Amazon has increased prices for its Amazon Prime service, which also gives users access to the Prime Video service. Amazon Prime now costs 1499 Rs per year in India as compared to the previous price of 999 Rs per year.


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