Two journalists hired while reporting in Tripura dist, who were asked to appear on November 21

Two female journalists reporting on recent cases of alleged religious vandalism in Tripura have been registered in sections related to the spread of community discord, the commission of insults with the intention of provoking a breach of the peace and criminal conspiracy.

The FIR against Samriddhi K Sakunia and Swarna Jha, based on a complaint from local Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) activists, has been registered at the Fatikroy Police Station in the Unakoti district, where they have now been asked to come forward. on November 21.

Unakoti Police Superintendent Rati Ranjan Debnath could not be reached despite repeated attempts. However, a senior Tripura Police official, who did not want to be identified, confirmed that an FIR had been registered. “They were notified in a reserved case at the Fatikroy police station to appear in the next seven days. They received the notice and they were assured that they would return in seven days, ”he said.

In a series of tweets, the two journalists claimed that they were in Tripura for a ‘field report’ on the communal riots last month and that they had asked the police for permission and protection for them. However, in the video tweets, they claimed that the police collected the details of their trip citing security reasons and then stationed police officers outside their hotel, preventing them from going anywhere. When police later asked them to come in for questioning on “very short notice,” they consulted their lawyers and then the police notified them to appear here again on November 21, journalists said.

The Tripura Police, in a tweet, has denied that there are police officers deployed outside the journalists’ hotel. “… No police personnel were deployed outside of their hotel or prevented from moving. The police came to the hotel to deliver the legal notice that is required under investigation of any case. The police group left after delivering the notice, ”the tweet read.

A copy of the First Information Report (FIR) posted on Twitter by journalists showed that the whistleblower was a Kanchan Das from Kumarghat who claimed as “part of a criminal conspiracy to destroy communal harmony in Tripura, as well as to defame the VHP and to the government of Tripura “. , the defendant intentionally imparted the name of VHP in that incident, which could affect the harmony between the Hindu and Muslim community ”.

Sakunia, in a video recording posted from the Article 14 Twitter account, said they went to the Unakoti district yesterday. “When we went to the Pal Bazar mosque, the police were with us for the entire time we were reporting and also at the Chowmuhani Bazar mosque,” he said.

Sakunia said she received a call from a police officer in Dharmanagar at 8.30 am, requesting details of her trip. “We asked him why he needed them. They also took our Aadhaar card at the police station earlier, to which we asked why they would need our Aadhaar card since we had our identification cards with our numbers and addresses, ”he added in the video. “We received three calls last night from the Dharmanagar police, who said it was all for our safety,” he said, stating that at night they noticed “12-15 policemen… they came here around 9:30 and they were standing but we weren’t He did not say anything “.

Sakunia said she thought they were providing security. However, while checking in to leave for Agartala earlier today, he said they were informed by the police that some VHP activists registered an FIR against him at the local Fatikroy police station. “The case was closed stating that we had disturbed the communal harmony and said that we would have to go to the Dharmanagar police station. We told them that we need a lawyer and without him we cannot move, ”added Sakunia. Showing 18-20 police officers behind her in the video, she said they were not allowed to go anywhere from her hotel for more than three hours.

“We spoke to them after three hours and they gave us this notice under Section 41 A, in which they said they had to come to us on very short notice and therefore we would have to return from Delhi with our lawyer. in November. 21, ”he said, adding that they would now have to take another train to get to Agartala and could end up missing their flight back to Delhi.

Swarna Jha, in another video, said that they went to the local police station after their coverage to take bytes from the officials, but were unable to meet with them. They subsequently received a call from the Dharmanagar Police Station in the evening asking about the details of their trip, which they provided after consulting with lawyers. “We asked how they could summon us in such a short time. We told them to change the appearance date to November 21 and they changed it. But there is a question: is the complaint on the ground a crime? “Swarna asked in her video.

The notification delivered under Section 41 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) for the appearance before the police, the Fatikroy Police Station in charge of Harendra Debbarma said: “In exercise of the power conferred in subsection 1 of sec. 41 To Cr.PC, I hereby inform you that FTK Case no 2021 FTK 039, dated 11/14/2021, U / S 120 (b) / 153 (A) / 504 IPC was registered in FTKPS against you and others wrongdoers and for the investigation of the case, there are reasonable grounds for questioning you and learning your facts and circumstances. Therefore, you are instructed to appear before the undersigned on or before 11/21/2021 with an identity card at the Fatikroy PS complex in the Unakoti district, Tripura. Otherwise, legal action will be taken against him according to the law ”.

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