Tripura Police Hire Two Delhi-Based Journalists For “Instigating” Communal Enmity | Agartala News

AGARTALA: Tripura Police have prevented the outbound trip of two journalists the Sunday after an FIR was filed against him for instigating community sentiments.
Journalists identified as Sammriddhi K Sakunia and Swarna Jha received notices to record their statements. They had arrived in the state on Thursday to cover the reported communal tensions.
They had visited Kakraban from Udaipur in the Gomati district upon arrival, followed by minority-dominated border towns from the west. Tripura and districts of Sepahijala. Later, they went to Fatikroy in Unokoti district on Saturday, where a mosque under construction in the Pal Bazar area was allegedly vandalized by a Hindu group, sources said.
According to the police, the Fatikroy police station registered an FIR against Sammriddhi and Swarna on Saturday night after specific complaints about instigating local Muslims and forcing them to make a statement against Viswa Hindu Parisad (VHP) that the Pal Bazar mosque it was set on fire. ” Jai Sree Ram’s catchphrase on October 23.
Both journalists left the district and stayed at a hotel in North Tripura’s district headquarters, Dharmanagar. Police rushed to the hotel at night to notify them under Section 153-A for promoting enmity between different groups on the grounds of religion and under IPC Section 120 (B) for being part of the plot of a criminal conspiracy.
They did not receive the tip when police approached them at night, some reports say.
“Instead, they made a phone call to a lawyer in Delhi claiming to speak with Kapil Sibal. They were planning to catch a local train early in the morning to Agartala for your next trip to Delhi. But the police stopped them at the hotel. After a while, a defender arrived, and then they received the notice and we allowed them to travel to Agartala where they will have to deposit their statement on November 21, “said a senior police officer.
Apparently, the story of the burning of the Koran in a mosque in Kakraban in the Gomati district was cooked up by the accused journalists, leading to violence in Maharashtra over the past two days. Police claimed that the journalists are also part of the team that visited the state in the past two weeks and spread false information about community violence.
Referring to the police accusation, Swarna Jha claimed in a series of tweets that they spoke to locals about the damage to a mosque and shared a copy of the FIR that mentioned a VHP demonstration. In another tweet where he elaborated on the claims of locals linked to the right-wing group, believed to have sparked violence in the Amravati district of Maharashtra on Saturday.

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