PUBG New State surpasses 1 crore downloads on Google Play Store

New Delhi: South Korean game developer Krafton recently released a new game in its PUBG franchise, PUBG: New State, in over 200 countries including India, and now the game has surpassed an impressive million downloads on Google. Play Store.Read also – Facebook Name Change: US-based Meta Company To Sue FB For Infringing Its Name

Before its launch, the game had already earned a whopping 40 million pre-registrations on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Developed by PUBG Studios, PUBG: New State is a free next generation mobile game that can be played in 17 different languages. Read also – Telegram sees ’70 million new users’ rise after Facebook family suffers blackout

The company said that the new game aims to advance the Battle Royale genre through original gameplay features including, but not limited to, weapon customization, the drone shop, and a unique player recruitment system. Read also – Zoom plans to add real-time translation to 12 languages ​​in 2022 | See new features

At launch, PUBG: New State has three distinct game modes, including Battle Royale (available in the base Troi and PUBG franchise, Erangel), 4v4 Deathmatch, and the Training Ground where players can hone their skills before jumping. to a live match

PUBG: New State offers monthly Survivor Passes that allow players to unlock a variety of in-game rewards as they play. The game will also have ranked seasons that will allow players to compete against other survivors, increase their “tier” and earn high-level rewards in the game. Qualifying seasons will run for two months at a time.

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