CBI, the tenure of the heads of the Enforcement Directorate was extended up to 5 years

The CBI Director can serve a term of up to five years with the new ordinance. (Proceedings)

New Delhi:

The government has enacted two ordinances to extend the mandate of the heads of the IWC and the Directorate of Enforcement for up to five years. The heads of central agencies currently serve a two-year term.

Both ordinances have been signed by President Ram Nath Kovind.

Heads of major agencies can be extended, according to ordinances, every year for up to three years after completing the two-year term.

“Provided that the period during which the Director of Compliance holds the position in his initial appointment may, in the public interest, on the recommendation of the Committee under section a) and for the reasons that must be recorded in writing, be extended up to one year to the time:
Provided no such extension is granted after the completion of a period of five years in total, including the period mentioned in the initial appointment, “an official statement read.

A Supreme Court bench, headed by Judge LN Rao, recently handed down a ruling in the case related to the extension of Chief Execution Officer SK Mishra, stressing that the extension of the mandate “should be done only in rare and exceptional cases.”

His two-year term will end on November 17.

Opposition parties have in the past accused the government of misusing central agencies amid investigations targeting top leaders and former ministers.

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