“Reports of vandalization of a mosque in Tripura’s Gomati forgery” says government | Latest news India

The Union government claimed news reports detailing an alleged vandalism incident of a mosque in the Kakraban area of ​​the Gomati district in Tripura they are “false” and a “total misrepresentation of the facts.”

“These news reports are false and are a total misrepresentation of the facts. The mosque in the Dargabazar area of ​​Kakraban has not been damaged and the Tripura Police in the Gomati district are working to maintain peace and quiet, ”the government said in an official press release.

Reports of vandalism began to circulate on social media, after which the Tripura police issued a statement saying: “This is a total misrepresentation of the facts. The mosque in the Dargabazar area of ​​Kakraban is completely fine and the Gomati police are working to keep the peace and quiet. “

Community tension erupted in the northeastern state after Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) held a demonstration in Dharmanagar, northern Tripura, after which a mosque was allegedly vandalized in the Panisagar subdivision and the homes of those belonging to the Muslim community were also damaged. The police imposed Section 144 in the area in question to control the situation.

However, the Center claimed that all of these reports were false. “There have been no reported cases of damage to the structure of any mosque in Tripura in the recent past. There are no reports of simple or serious injuries, rape or death of any person in these incidents as alleged in some posts on social media, “he said.

Tripura police reserved at least 102 social media account holders, including 68 Twitter accounts, under the Illicit Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) for allegedly distorting news about community violence.

The press release also mentioned the violent incident in Maharashtra’s Amravati, where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) held a protest against a bandh called by members of the Muslim community to protest against violence in Tripura, leading to massive crowds on the roads, shouting slogans, carrying banners and saffron flags. Some sections of the protest began throwing stones at private and government vehicles, shops and establishments, forcing the police to use light blows.

“People must remain calm and must not be fooled by such false reports. For example, in Maharashtra, there have been reports of violence and nasty statements that aim to disturb the peace and harmony, based on fake news about Tripura. This is very worrying and it is urged that peace be maintained at all costs, ”the government’s press release warned.

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