Rahul Gandhi Says Karnataka Bitcoin Scam Big But Cover Up Is Much Greater, Cong Seeks SC-Monitored Probe

Claiming that the BJP The Karnataka government is trying to cover up what it called a “multi-crore Bitcoin scam,” Congress demanded on Saturday that a Special Investigation Team (SIT) overseen by the Supreme Court carry out an independent investigation into the matter with experts from multiple agencies.

The party targeted the chief minister, Basavaraj Bommai, noting that he was the interior minister when the case came to light last year. Congress said the defendant, 26-year-old Sri Krishna, was arrested in November 2020 and held in police custody for 100 days before being released on bail in April this year.

But despite multiple international crimes of significant magnitude, Interpol was not informed for more than five months. Only on April 24, 2021, the Bengaluru Police Commissioner wrote to the Interpol Liaison Officer (CBI) asking to inform Interpol and other agencies. Even ED / CBI / SFIO were not informed by the Karnataka government BJP. The Compliance Directorate inquired about the case through a letter dated February 15, 2021 and the Karnataka government informed it of a crime on March 3, 2021, ”said the head of the congressional communication department, Randeep Surjewala , at a press conference.

He said that instead of conducting a fair investigation, the state government appeared to be concerned about covering it up.

“The Bitcoin scam is big. But the cover-up of the Bitcoin scam is much greater. Because he has to cover up someone’s big fake ego, ”Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

Congress asked the government several questions, including: who were the actors behind the “cover-up of the operation”? whether the Bitcoins recovered from the defendants were transferred and why the Bengaluru Police initially admitted to confiscating the Bitcoins and then backed down.

“Were the stolen Bitcoins transferred from the purported hacker Sri Krishna’s wallet? How many Bitcoins and of what value? How then do the Bengaluru police suggest (in their third Panchnama dated January 22, 2021) that the 31 and 186 Bitcoins allegedly transferred to the police wallet were lost or found to be fake transactions? Surjewala asked.

“What is the role and responsibility of Chief Minister Bommai, who was the Minister of the Interior in charge at the relevant time and others in the State Government? Why was Interpol not informed despite such gigantic crimes with clear international ramifications? Why did the BJP government wait more than five months to write to Interpol and that also after the liberation of Sri Krishna? Why didn’t the Karnataka government inform NIA / SFIO / ED? “, I ask.

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