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NEW DELHI: The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Personal data protection invoice was unable to adopt its draft report on Friday as panel chair PP Chaudhary tried to insert last minute amendments that removed the clauses on social media platforms on the grounds that they were covered by the new IT rules. .
The move was met with vehement protests from opposition members, including BJD’s Bhartruhari Mahtab and Love patnaik, Congress’ Manish Tewari, Jairam ramesh and Gaurav gogoi, and even BJP’s Satya Pal Singh, who said there is an urgent need for a law on the issue.
The key objections raised by MPs concerned an attempt to “dilute” the penalty clause that sets 2% and 4% of global revenue from platforms like Facebook and Twitter, if found to be in violation of privacy laws. . The last-minute amendments, the sources said, sought to reduce this to a standard sum of 10-15 crore rupees, leading to heated exchanges between some members who claimed the government was trying to water down the penalty clause following pressure. of the majors. Tech. They said social media companies lobbied the government to ease applicable sanctions.
the JPC You have seen a debate on whether social media can be referred to simply as a platform or an aggregator or whether it is in fact an “editor” with the same responsibilities as a post. Chaudhary argued that the TI guidelines were not formulated when the panel took up the matter, but MPs felt there is a need for a specific law and the data bill presents an excellent opportunity given that there was unanimity in the panel on the need for Big Technology to be more responsible.
After considerable discussion during which Chaudhary said that the penalty clause was not very practical, it was decided that a new draft of the committee’s report will be distributed by November 18 and the committee will meet again on November 22 to consider the bill again.
Sources said MPs also demanded that the issue of TI rules covering liability for social media platforms be specifically written in the JPC report if this was the argument that Chaudhary wanted the committee to consider.
The deliberations also saw members oppose contentious clause 35 of the data protection bill, which gives a blanket exemption to the government and its agencies from complying with each and every provision of the PDP bill. Members argued that the government should only be exempted under a “fair, equitable, reasonable and proportionate procedure”, and that the exemption should only be exercised in “exceptional” cases.

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