‘Manipur terrorist attack well planned precision strike’ | India News

NEW DELHI: The ambush in which the colonel Viplav tripathi, his wife, son and four soldiers were killed and six others wounded in Manipur was “well planned and precisely executed” by a heavily armed insurgent group, officials from the Indian security establishment said here on Saturday.
Along with the “increasing flow” of illegal Chinese-made weapons such as AK-47 assault rifles, machine guns, anti-tank mines and grenades in Myanmar, which is also targeting Indian insurgent groups with hideouts along the border, the ambush set off alarms in the Indian security system.

Even when a large operation was launched to catch the militants, the Defense Minister Rajnath singh and the chief general of the army MM Naravane, among others, were also informed about the ambush. The armies of India and Myanmar, incidentally, have been regularly conducting coordinated operations to drive out militants along their 1,643-kilometer porous border. “An incident of this type in which even family members have been attacked has taken place after a long time in the northeast. Insurgents, in all likelihood, infiltrated India from the Myanmar border, ”said a senior official.

“The ambush will lead to a rethinking of the strategy to deal with the insurgent groups in the northeast in general, and the VBIG (insurgent groups based in the valley) in Manipur such as the People’s Liberation Army and PREPAK (Kangleipak ​​People’s Revolutionary Party) in particular, ”he added.

Colonel Tripathi, his family and his rapid reaction team had gone in a convoy of four vehicles to his battalion’s 46 Assam Rifles forward operating base in the Behiang area, near the India-Myanmar border, on Friday. “There was also an event in a town in the area,” said another official.
Colonel Tripathi’s convoy was ambushed as it returned to the battalion’s headquarters in Khuga on Saturday morning. “Along with the advanced reconnaissance of the ambush, the insurgents must have been closely monitoring the movement of the convoy. First there was an explosion of an improvised explosive device and then a strong shooting from different directions in the convoy, ”said the official. The paramilitary force guards the border with Myanmar and carries out counter-insurgency operations in conjunction with the Army.

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