Is AstraZeneca Vaccine’s ‘Waning Immunity’ Behind Covid Resurgence In Europe?

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced at least three weeks of closure measures targeting restaurants, shops and sporting events to stem a record spike in coronavirus infections

The “annoying and far-reaching” measures came as the EU disease agency said 10 countries from the 27-member bloc were facing a Covid situation of “very high concern”, warning that the pandemic was worsening across the continent. . In its weekly risk assessment, the European Center for Disease Control included Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia in its category of greatest concern.

According to a report by the Guardian Molecular medicine professor Eric Topol suggests that among the reasons for a resurgence of the virus on the continent, in addition to the hypercontagious strain Delta, could be the waning immunity of some vaccines. Although much of Europe began vaccination later, a recent study found that with the Astra Zeneca vaccine, the decline in anti-spike antibodies occurred quite early, and there was a clear relationship between antibody levels and progressive infections. The AstraZeneca vaccine reached the anti-spike threshold of 500 U / ml after 96 days, while the Pfizer vaccine took 257 days. The impact of the decline, as well as the opportunity to restore a very high efficacy (95 percent) of mRNA vaccines (specifically Pfizer / BioNtech) with booster injections (third), has been unequivocally demonstrated by Israeli data, mentions the report.

The report also sets out how ‘America could be next’; as the United States has generally witnessed a Covid spike after its European neighbors.

Since it emerged in China in December 2019, the coronavirus has killed more than five million people and caused economic devastation around the world. Europe is facing a sharp deterioration in the epidemic situation, especially in Germany and Central and Eastern Europe. Unvaccinated people are the most affected.

In announcing the partial closure of his country, Rutte told the nation that the crisis required a “hard blow of a few weeks because the virus is everywhere, throughout the country, in all sectors and all ages.” Cases have skyrocketed since the Dutch government lifted most of the Covid measures less than two months ago on September 25, reaching a record high of more than 16,000 on Thursday and Friday.

“Fortunately, the vast majority have been vaccinated, otherwise the misery in hospitals would be incalculable at this time,” Rutte said.

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