Increased vision loss due to diabetes is likely to increase by 2025, says expert

After the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of diabetics is steadily increasing across the world, including India. Furthermore, blindness is also on the rise. Since the Covid outbreak in India, more and more people have fallen victim to diabetic retinopathy, which is a serious eye disease. In this disease, patients are partially blind and gradually lose their sight completely.

By 2025, the number of people with retinopathy is expected to increase substantially. Dr Sanjay Kalra, a renowned endocrinologist and former President of the Endocrine Society of India, says that the number of diabetes patients is continuously increasing in India right now.

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Today 7.7 million people have diabetes. After the pandemic, type 2 and type 1 diabetes are being seen not only in cities, but also in villages. This is a great cause for concern for physicians around the world, said Dr. Kalra.

Dr. Kalra explains that due to Covid-19, many counter-regulatory hormones have been released in patients who contracted the virus that moves to control insulin and weakens its control over the patient’s blood sugar levels.

Patients who did not receive treatment on time also developed diabetes for this reason. He further said that this disease also saw an increase with the steroids that were being administered to the patients. Covid-19 attacked people’s pancreas, leading to many cases of diabetes, which in turn is increasing the number of retinopathy cases in people.

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