Fruits and Vegetables Diabetics Should Eat and Avoid

Diabetes remains a prevalent disease in India. The Covid-19 pandemic also proved fatal for diabetic patients, as comorbidities also led to many deaths. Diabetes is the result of too much sugar in the blood, which leads to high blood sugar. Diabetics often find themselves seeking baths and also feel more hungry. Diabetes is controlled with diet and medication. According to 1 mg, diabetes reduces the production of insulin in the body, and if the situation continues for a long time, the patient can also attract other dangerous diseases.

Insulin production in the body can be increased by insulin injections or through the dietary route. On World Diabetes Day, let’s take a look at the many readily available fruits and vegetables that can help you control your blood sugar and lead a balanced life.

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Fruits and vegetables for diabetic patients

Since bananas contain carbohydrates, diabetic patients are advised to eat only half a banana at a time. Consuming too many carbohydrates is not good for diabetes patients as it spikes the blood sugar level.

Apples are rich in antioxidants, control cholesterol levels and maintain good digestion. Diabetic patients should eat one or at least half an apple a day.

Guava is considered very healthy for people with diabetes. Contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and dietary fiber. Its level of sweetness is relatively low.

Other fruits that are useful for diabetic patients include pear (nashpati), peach (aadu), and java plum (jaamun).

Among vegetables, diabetic patients should eat bitter gourd (karela) as it controls high blood sugar levels. Bitter gourd contains phytochemicals that are great for diabetes.

Ladyfinger is packed with myristicin, which has shown benefits for diabetic patients.

Fruits and Vegetables to Skip

Grapes and cherries contain carbohydrates and therefore should not be eaten in excess. Ripe pineapples contain high levels of sugar and therefore should be omitted by diabetic patients.

Vegetables like potatoes, squash, and beets contain starch and carbohydrates that are not good for people with diabetes. These vegetables should be administered to diabetic patients in very limited quantities.

Disclaimer:Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on common knowledge. Consult an expert before following the advice.

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