Covaxin: Lost 10 Years of Life in 18 Months Due to Covaxin Stress, Says Krishna Ella | India News

HYDERABAD: The Covid-19 pandemic may have paralyzed the world, but Bharat Biotechnology president and managing director Krishna She I was living life in a fast-paced mode. You think you lost 10 years of your life in the last 18 months thanks to the stress that went hand in hand with the excitement of developing Covaxin.
In a face-to-face interview, Ella opened up to TOI on the excitement of developing India’s first indigenous Covid-19 vaccine, but also spoke about the dangers and controversies that plagued the company throughout. “The last 18 months were difficult. I haven’t fought that hard for anything in the last 25 years (since he created Bharat Biotech), ”he says. “I feel like I have lost 10 years of peace in this battle.”
He says that while Covaxin is not the first vaccine developed by his company, it was certainly the first time that Bharat Biotech was under constant attention. “For Covaxin, we worked with a 1,000 liter fermenter with such a high density of live virus that this was enough to infect all of India. It was dangerous. ”
Noting that any death from contagion in the company, which also when there was no vaccine, would have been disastrous, he explains: “Today we are vaccinated but later there was no vaccine. So for about 4-5 months, between 20 and 25 of our critical employees were unable to go to their families. We take some apartments near our plant (Genome valley, Hyderabad) and we put them there until we had the challenge studies in animals that indicated that the vaccine offers 100% protection. ”
So how do you deal with intense scrutiny? She says it shuts down once she gets home and doesn’t answer any calls. Instead, he spends his time doing what he loves the most: reading about the latest advances in the world of science.

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