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Chandigarh: India, home to more than 77 million diabetics, has become the diabetes capital of the world. A simultaneous and sharp increase in the prevalence of preventable vision loss related to diabetes has also been observed.
It is estimated that around 1.1 million people suffer from retinal disorders in India. Alarmingly, about one in three people living with diabetes has some degree of Diabetic retinopathy, a diabetes-related complication that affects the eyes.
The young population with juvenile diabetes (type 1 diabetes) is vulnerable to diabetic retinopathy, especially if they have had diabetes for more than 10 years. Even people with type 2 diabetes are at risk of vision loss due to diabetes-related retinal diseases.
Dr. Vishali Gupta, Professor, Vitreoretinal and Uvea Advanced Eye Center, IGP He said: “In India, the burden of retinal diseases is increasing. Diabetic macular edema (DME), for example, mainly affects the working-age population aged 35 to 45, causing distortion of vision. However, the onset of AMD can be significantly delayed if diabetics effectively control their diabetes and blood sugar levels, ”he said.
“With the pandemic, many were unable to receive injections or laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy. This led to the patients reaching advanced stages of the disease, requiring complex surgeries. We are doing everything we can to prevent serious vision loss among patients. ”
AMD is the most common form of diabetic retinopathy, which develops when damaged blood vessels swell and flow into the retinal macula, causing visibility problems. While medical advances have made treatments easy and effective, the delay in diagnosis leads to a high percentage of diabetic retinopathy cases.
“Routine eye exams for patients with diabetes, children and the elderly can help with early detection and minimal vision loss. The biggest challenge is making quality curative and preventive eye care services accessible and affordable for the majority. The government, through its many flagship programs, is helping with this, ”said Dr. Vishal Agrawal, senior eye specialist and vitreo-retinal surgeon, secretary of the Jaipur Ophthalmological Society.

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