The iPhone X USB-C sells for more than $ 86,000

Robotics student Ken Pillonel managed to mount a working USB-C port on a iPhone X, and last week the prototype went on sale. The auction ended last night, and after 116 bids, the winner was $ 86,001.

Bidding for the iPhone has ended

The offer remained stable at $ 85,000 last week and in the last few days managed to rise to $ 86,001. There were a few offers on top of that, but they were later pulled, including a bogus offer for $ 1 million that was removed less than an hour after it was posted.

According to Pillonel, the first step was to make sure the electronics worked, then he reverse engineered the Apple C94 connector and created a custom PCB with a female USB-C port. Once the schematics were done, the port was installed on the phone which then worked effortlessly.

The winner gets a “true collector’s item for any Apple fan”, as the engineer put it, but the new owner should not reset, update or erase the device, in addition to using it as a daily driver. He shouldn’t be messing with the internals as well, but it’s not like any warranties will be voided if he does.


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