Subverting civil society is a new frontier of war: NSA Ajit Doval | India News

HYDERABAD: The new frontier of war is about subverting civil society and IPS officers have to be at the forefront of this battle to keep the nation intact, national security adviser (NSA) Ajit doval said in his speech to the IPS trainees at the SVP National Police Academy in Hyderabad on Friday.
“Wars stopped becoming effective instruments to achieve political and military objectives. They are too expensive, unaffordable and there is uncertainty about the outcome. It is civil society that can be subverted, divided and manipulated to harm the interests of the nation. They are there to make sure this land is fully protected, ”said Doval.
Doval, an alumnus of the academy, was the main guest at the 2020 batch ‘Dikshant Parade’ on Friday, which featured 132 IPS trainees and 17 foreign officer trainees.
“People are the most important. The new frontier of war, which is called the fourth generation of war, is civil society, ”he said.
He also emphasized the increased role of the police in border management covering more than 15,000 km covering Pakistan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh.
He said that the management of India’s 32 lakh square kilometers was the responsibility of the police forces. But it will spread. You will be responsible for the border management of this country. Most of the 15,000 km of border has its own peculiar problems, ”he added.
Doval said there were different types of security problems at each border. “There is a border in Pakistan with China, Myanmar or Bangladesh. We have different types of security-related issues that are taken care of by the police and central police organizations, ”he added.
Doval’s comments on increased surveillance come a day after the Punjab The assembly adopted a resolution against the Center, which extended the jurisdiction of the BSF, which the Punjab assembly said was an insult.

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